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Calvin Saint John
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With a sixth quasi-app to solve an annoying problem with MacBooks!

Apple’s MacBook line has been through a challenging past few years. From 2015– early 2020, the once reliable machines were plagued with a host of issues (Failing keyboards, thermal throttling, etc.), leading many to wonder if Apple had lost its focus on the laptop market.

Despite speculation, the rumors quickly dispelled as Tim Cook took to the virtual stage last June 2020, to announce the company’s transition to its in-house Apple Silicon processors which we now know punch far above its weight.

This news has since led to a burst of interest around Apple’s laptops. …

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Digital Privacy

It’s a lot easier than you think

In its annual Worldwide Developers Conference last June 2020, Apple announced the release of its latest software update for the iPhone — iOS 14. Despite the usual fanfare commonly associated with the yearly release, the company’s silicon valley neighbors aren’t too happy.

In a nutshell, Apple is doubling down on transparency — particularly in data collection. The company is enforcing new practices on the AppStore to help users better understand the data they share with developers.

One notable way this is done is through what Apple calls “nutrition labels” for privacy. These are essential, small cards that appear at the…

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Why isn’t anyone talking about this?

I have yet to receive my personal M1 Macbook Air. Given how back ordered they are, I’ve been waiting for a month and am scheduled to receive it in about a week or so.

As a self-admitted broke person, I’ve thoroughly researched my purchase decision and am confident in sharing with you the issues with the new M1 Macs so you can make an informed decision for yourself.

The new M1 chip is certainly one of the most exciting things to happen in the consumer electronics space in a long time. …

No affiliate links; just great products

Full Disclosure: I am not in any way connected to or compensated by the manufacturers or sellers of the listed products. I have bought all of the following products with my own money.

Growing up in a thrifty Asian household, saving money is second nature to me. I’m very careful with how I spend my money and am always on the lookout for a bargain.

The goal is to find things that you normally wouldn’t look for but can’t imagine living without after owning — without breaking the bank. …

Who signed off on these?

Apple is relentless in its pursuit of design and aesthetics. From the original iPod to the first unibody MacBook, this philosophy has led to the creation of some of the most forward-thinking and timeless designs we’ve come to know— many of which continue to influence our preferences today.

The company’s obsession with keeping tech “pretty” has met more than its fair share of criticism, especially when it’s done, at times, at the expense of performance and function. (The 2019 15" Core i9 Macbook Pro fiasco)

Now, how much tech manufacturers should concern themselves with aesthetics is debatable; what isn’t are…

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The budget smartphone that doesn’t suck

In the past eight months, we’ve seen a sudden interest in what is now considered the mid-range price point in smartphones, though to be honest, it’s crazy to think we see 400 USD as mid-range just because phones are now over a thousand dollars.

Starting with the iPhone SE, following with the OnePlus Nord, and now the Google Pixel 4a.

As someone living in the Philippines, a third world country, I’ve seen far too many people carrying around poorly made, no name Chinese phones that boast good numbers on paper but have absolutely abysmal performance in real world use.


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Privacy doesn’t come cheap.

“Apple Tax” is the term used to describe the premium Apple charges for its products when compared to similarly spec’d devices from other manufacturers. Over time, it’s become both the butt of many jokes in the tech community as well as one of the biggest criticisms of Apple as a company.

What people can’t laugh or argue about though are the numbers that Apple brings in.

Apple is the first US company to be valued at 1.5 Trillion USD, dominating 66% of 2019 smartphone profits, despite only releasing three to four phones each year.

So how does a company that…

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It’s not refurbished. It’s brand new!

I’ve always been skeptical of the tablet as a category. Though I personally used an iPad 4 for about a year in university, I can’t seem to forget how liberating it felt when I finally got a proper laptop.

I no longer had a virtual keyboard covering half my screen every time I wrote a paper. I finally had a real file management system. I could watch YouTube videos while messaging with friends, and I had access to real desktop Photoshop and not some lame, watered down version of it.

But it’s 2020, and the iPad has become one of…

Photo by Tianyi Ma on UnsplashMacBook line is getting on my nerves…

It just (doesn’t) work.

Update (March 13, 2021): This article was written with reference to the early 2020 MacBooks — predating the announcement and release of Apple Silicon. An updated article will be posted to reflect the new MacBooks.

I bought my very first laptop from Fry’s in 2015. It was a Dell Inspiron 11 3000 — an entry level, 11", 2-in-1 for just $350. I had initially wanted a MacBook but couldn’t justify asking my parents for a $1,000 laptop for school, so I settled.

When the laptop finally arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. It had a sturdy, faux aluminum finish, loud speakers…

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What I wish someone had told me ten years ago.

Let me be clear. Physical attractiveness covers a broad spectrum, and I’ve certainly met enough people to know that it’s not as cut and dry as Hollywood wants us to believe.

As they say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” and it certainly comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Now that that’s out of the way. Congratulations on going the extra mile to work on your own outward aesthetic. Chances are you are on your own self-improvement journey, and I commend you for that. …

Calvin Saint John

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